Co-organized by Inserm U1253 "Imaging and Brain" (iBrain), Université de Tours, and the Anatomical Committee of the WFNS
31 May-1 Jun 2018 Tours (France)

Welcome to the 2018 White Matter Dissection Course in Tours !

The course is now booked ! You can send a message to to be registered on the waiting list.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the second session of the Dissection course in Tours, which will be held on 31st May - 1st June 2018.

This event is coorganized by the iBrain laboratory, INSERM U1253-University of Tours (France) and by the Anatomical Committee of the WFNS (World Federation of Neurosurgical Societes).

This course will be limited to 24 participants. It will focus on the anatomy and function of white matter tracts and their implication in Neurosurgery.

This course will be organized in the Laboratoire d'Anatomie de la Faculté de Médecine de Tours.

See you in Tours in may.

I Zemmoura, C Destrieux, H Duffau, G Herbet, IL Maldonado, and LM Terrier


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